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"A man like Zubkov, and should be the standard-bearer"

Bobber Alexander Zubkov will lead to victory not only their deuce and four, but the entire Russian Olympic team
Expert "Gazety.Ru" - former head coach of Russia Vladimir bobsled Lyubovitsky said that he was glad the election of Alexander Zubkov bobsleigh standard-bearer of the Olympic team and considers this a good choice and worthy.

I am first and foremost, of course, happy for Alexander. Unfortunately, I am now in Moscow and could not witness his reaction. It is a great honor - to be the standard-bearer of team Russia in the Olympics. Every athlete wants to carry the banner of their country at the opening of the Olympics. Certainly, it is a great honor, but it's also a great responsibility.

Because, on the one hand, it gives emotional strength, elation, and on the other - in a few days the guys start training runs. And even the part in the opening parade selects a lot of emotion.

But Alexander is 100% worth it. He is the winner of two and five participant Olympics, won the world championship. I did not have any surprise about this.

That man should be the standard-bearer. At least, he is an adult, experienced athlete and clearly appreciates this situation. I think the choice in his favor was absolutely correct.

Before the first day of competition in the beans-twos, after the date of the inauguration of the Olympic Games, will still be a few days. During this time, positive emotions will go away or less bright. Hopefully that will come in the first place thought about the result - a good and decent box office performance.

At the Games every day - this test. Besides it's a big sporting event, and it is still a big test for the athletes of the nervous system.

Besides voltage is amplified more because we stand in their native land. Fans, of course, are just waiting for good results. Responsibility because of this becomes even more.

We have a lot of decent people. In the team there are Olympic champions. For some reason I thought that the choice will fall on Olga Zaitseva . I thought that maybe somebody will carry the banner of the cross-country sprint. For example, the Olympic champion Nikita Kryukov, who now is in great shape. He is the number one favorite for the Sochi Games. But apparently, he was too young. Therefore chose Zubkov.

Frankly, all athletes - very mistrustful people. As for the match when the Russian-bearers often then not win gold, then Sasha performance on these Olympics should soberly assess the basis of the results of the season.

Bear flag it or not - this is not radically affect his speech. And when his crew returned Governor Alexei , they certainly have a chance to compete for medals in twos, I think, even more than quadruples.

Judging by the results of the same this season, I believe that their main rival will be the Swiss Beat Hefti. Race show. On his side - youth. And on the side of Alexander - the experience and availability of home runs.

Surprises can also be - it's the Olympics. And they always shoots some dark horse. But usually, bobsleigh this rarely happens. Because we have such a stable sport. And, of course, a man who never hit the mark during the season, will not be able to become a champion. This is a priori impossible.

And the circle of contenders, in my opinion, except for the Swiss, of course, includes world champion and Olympic champion in fours - American Steven Holcomb. The last performance of the Canadians in Europe showed that they, too, will be among the favorites in twos.

I think that the Germans are plotting some sort of game, and the youngest world champion in 2013 Francesco Friedrich also will fight for the top places. I do not think that any of Latvians will fight for the gold. Maybe only for the bronze medal will be hooked. So much for competition among dyads - the first type of program.

Everything depends on the results. If Sasha win a medal in twos, it will give him an extra incentive to fight in fours. First, psychologically will be quieter - the award is already there. And secondly, the pilot also exists the so-called peak form, which only he feels when people, roughly speaking, can ride with my eyes closed, feeling every inch of distance.

But this peak shape, as well as any athlete in any sport, can not last, for example, six months. He comes at some point. And that a maximum of two to three weeks. Left to wait a bit, we'll see.

After all feature track in Sochi is that there is no any difficult areas, where you can only play by piloting a particular lag. Therefore, everyone will start and willingness to solve engineering. A pilot's skill in this regard, several leveled. This is not Vancouver. Illustrative of this route is U.S. Salt Lake City and the Austrian Eagles in Europe.

Also, no doubt, during the Olympics will watch the biathlon, cross country skiing, ice hockey. Yes, in principle, for all will follow. But these kinds of priority for me personally and close.

A team from Russia waiting for a good performance and I wish our guys wins. Houses and walls help. Although, of course, will not be easy. All serious contenders, and the results of the World Championships in 2013 we did not get in the top three. But the presence of factor native walls should give us a definite advantage, at least for people with strong character.

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