Friday, February 07, 2014

Kameda three brothers, exile disposal qualification expire = substantially - Boxing

7 days, Hiroshi Akiyama president from Japan boxing commission (JBC) is a press conference in Tokyo, announced to the ShimaSatoshi and managers Yoshii Shinji president of Kameda gym, and do not allow the license renewal of this year. Boxer Koki Kameda license belonging to the gym Kameda, Daiki, KazuAtsushi holds also revoked substantially this. At the prospect of a match played in the country is impossible, became the expulsion of virtually.
According to the JBC, for boxer license is issued through the gym, gym to lose function becomes chairman absence, qualify as a boxer is also eliminated in effect. If Transfers of three brothers and update of next year Yoshii and colleagues was filed in JBC, Based on the examination and rigorous investigation, and that determine its propriety. 
 In the matter at two organizations throne unification match of December last year, holding the title Kamedao International Boxing Federation (IBF) super flyweight champion while lost the game, corresponding Kameda gym hosted a unification match against confusion JBC pointed out that invited. Akiyama president said, "as long as the governance capacity of the gym is not. Improvement unhealthy, it is not possible to issue a license" he said. 
Kameda gym side, argued that unfair disposal of the JBC. And shows the policy is to request a reconsideration along with the provisions, to sue unless noted.

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