Monday, August 27, 2012

Time for Vince Young to embrace Canadian summers, or retire to Austin

When a team trades for Tarvaris Jackson to take your job it's a clear sign that maybe the whole NFL scene just isn't your gig.

Former University of Texas/God quarterback Vince Young was cut by the Bills after the team traded to acquire Seahawks QB Tavaris Jackson. That has to sting.

VY went to Buffalo in the offseason to backup Ryan Fitzpatrick, and continue to try to become a more prototypical NFL passer. Obviously it didn't take.

By the looks of he hasn't found another team yet.

Given his age (28), his athletic ability and the fact he has been to the Pro Bowl (along with every other active NFL player) he may get a look somewhere else. Why not?

If VY wants to really play again his better bet may be to look north of the border and play Canada. According to this report from, the Montreal SomethingOrOthers have added YV to their negotiation list.

No, Canada is not the NFL but according to this VY can make a few hundred K playing football. That beats working.

It would require a certain degree of pride swallowing. We are talking about the QB of the National Title winning team, the No. 3 overall pick of the NFL draft, and a guy who has had some success in the NFL.

If VY doesn't want any part of the Canadian summers, and no other team calls, go to Austin. Go be king. Some fat cat booster will give you a job doing nothing where you can collect a check tell stories of the long run on the 4th-and-87 to beat Kansas. To tell the stories of how you beat OU. And no one wearing burnt orange will ever tire of the USC game.

(BTW: This play makes me barf)
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