Saturday, August 04, 2012

Greene: Big doubts over Bolt

Bolt carries the Jamaican flag as he leads his country's delegation at the opening ceremony (Reuters)

Usain Bolt has to really get out of the blocks quick and hurt his rivals at the London Games.

But there is a lot he's going through right now, from his first step to his body position to his acceleration.

It seems like the only person who has been publicised at this Olympics is Usain Bolt.  That's why everyone thinks he is going to win. But you have to look a bit deeper than that.

He could come out and do something special; he is capable of that, but with the problems he is having, I don't think he will.

He's had these issues for a few years and they haven't been fixed. It takes a lot more than 10 days to fix things.

He is capable of going all the way but I look at it a little bit differently. I look at his build-up and I look at it from a technical standpoint. What I see is that even last year he was having technical problems with his race and he is continuing to have those problems. That's why he's lost a couple of races.

And that's why I give Yohan Blake the upper hand because Bolt is not running good technical races. Technique is what allows you to win and lose races, especially at championships when the pressure is on.

What are you going to revert to? You can't just go out there and just run; you have to go out there and run with technique.

I don't think we'll see anything close to a world record in the 100m final. The only person who I believe can run like that is Bolt and he's not in that type of shape.

I think it'll probably be 9.7-something. I think there may be two or three people who will run 9.7 but for me the first two medals are sewn up between Bolt and Blake. Everybody else is fighting for the bronze.

Tyson Gay is not 100 per cent fit so that's going to hurt him. I think he still has pain coming out of the blocks - that's why he starts slow and he rushes the middle part, so much so that he floors it to catch up. That'll hurt him in the final.

I think Justin Gatlin is going to run about what he ran in the US trials.

Asafa Powell is always a threat but he hasn't shown up in any final before. This time, though, there won't be any pressure on him, nobody's talking about him, so he might just go in there and shock the world.

As for Brits, the best they have now is the young guy Adam Gemili and he possibly might make the final.

I would tell all the competitors to treat it as another meet. Pressure only does two things; either it helps you or it hurts you. So what are you going to allow it to do? Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Don't try too hard, just do what you've been doing. Let it happen, don't come out there and try to make something happen that you've never done before. That's when things can go wrong.

Five-times world champion and winner of four Olympic medals, Maurice Greene will be an expert consultant for Eurosport-Yahoo! during the London 2012 Games.


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