Bears coach Lovie Smith strongly defended his quarterback in the wake of criticism from two former coaches he knows well: Jim Mora and his former Rams boss Mike Martz.

Mora and Martz, appearing on the NFL Network's new show "The Head Coaches," both had negative things to say aboutJay Cutler's postgame demeanor after the Bears' 21-15 loss to the Packers. Mora called Cutler "completely immature" while Martz said Cutler "just doesn't get it."

Smith seemed annoyed.

"First off, you have to look at the setting a little bit," he said. "We had just come off a tough loss to one of our rivals."

Smith said he listened to Cutler's comments and was disappointed with the critique of them, "especially from a couple of former coaches."

Smith talked about Cutler being a leader and a player who represents the organization well.

"We can't be concerned about criticism coming from the outside," Smith said. "Right now it's easy to dog pile us because we didn't play well. But how you get rid of things like that is to play well."

Smith was asked if he talked to Martz.

"I'm trying to get ready for Pittsburgh. I'm talking to my wife a little bit right now," Smith joked. "Everyone else is a little bit lower on the list."

So what did Smith's wife have to say?

"Full support," he said. "Always. Loves Jay to death too."